Let's Paws and Look at Our Beginnings.

Ever since she was a child, Carla has had a love and admiration for animals. She graduated from the Midwest Institute for Medical Assistants in 1996 and has been employed for the past 12 years as a veterinary technician at the Harvest Plaza Animal Hospital – just two doors down from Paws & Relax.

Prior to accepting her current position at the animal hospital, Carla worked for f years as a customer service manager for a large boarding and grooming facility, which gave her invaluable experience in the industry and allowed her to excel in customer satisfaction for pets and pet parents alike.

Carla partnered with her mother, Peggy, a kindergarten teacher of 20 years, who was pivotal in helping fulfill their mutual dream of owning and operating a small pet boarding and grooming boutique. Paws & Relax (formerly the Barker Shop) opened in early March, 2014.